I’m glad you’re here! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a Stay at home Mom of two WILD boys 4 & 6 years old, a Dog Mom to our sweet Mini Goldendoodle Charlee, and a wife to Justin of 6 years! We live in a small town in South Carolina and enjoy spending most of our days outside.

Small business owner of Cypress Lane Designs. A Graphic T-shirt and Sweatshirt company.

Before staying home with our kiddos I spent 10 years as a Dental Assistant. I’m a lover of all things related to health and wellness. Living a healthy and active lifestyle has always been important to me.

Hi I m Sam

What is Collagen

Collagen is a protein that provides structure to cells and can be found in nearly every part of the human body, especially in healthy skin, joints and connective tissue. Your body starts to decrease collagen production in your 20s. In fact, you lose up to 8% of your collagen every year, so by age 50 you have nearly 30% less collagen than you did at age 20, and almost 50% less collagen by the time you’re 70!

MOST powdered collagen supplements contain ground up fish, pig, and/or cow parts.

These act like sponges for contaminants & heavy metals.

Ground up hooves, hides, snouts, and nerve tissue end up in the powder collagen.

Which also carry diseases

You and I have ZERO genetic connections to a COW or FISH!

Liquid type II collagen i use

And MOST importantly, the source of chicken sternum is derived from a by product of humanely- treated chickens.

-The only collagen/hyaluronic acid matrix from a single source

-U.S. and international patents

-Non GMO and antibiotic/hormone free

-20x more effective than pill or powdered collagen

-Liquid delivery system

-Concentrated formula


-Improvement in joint discomfort and physical activity after 8 weeks

-Substantiated benefits for youthful skin

-Increased HA levels in blood by 6000% after 28 days

-Dramatically reduced skin dryness/scaling after 12 weeks

-Clinically shown to support joint and connective tissue

-Measurably reduced wrinkles and deeplines after 12 weeks

Why Liquid Bio Cell?


This is a MEDICAL GRADE, clinically proven collagen and it’s formulation also holds 7 national and international patents. The only drinkable collagen that is clinically proven to mirror what our bodies do naturally and replenishing the collagen & hyaluronic acid that our bodies are loosing.

Why is our absorption better?


Collagen is a micro molecule and most collagens out there are macro in size which makes absorption almost impossible. Plus the wrong type of collagen cell is used so your body doesn’t recognize It. The only bio-identical collagen cell for the human body is a TYPE II cell from the cartilage of a chicken sternum mixed with Hyaluronic Acid (this what we use hence why we have 7 patents on our collagen).

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